Ameera Ameerullah

Ameera Ameerullah

CEO Canada Mortgage & Financial Group

Ameera is a Mortgage Broker that has set a unique benchmark in the industry with many accolades including being named “Women of Influence” in Canada. She is known for filling the gap in the industry and was recently awarded as “Best Alternative Lending Broker of the Year” in Canada. Ameera is the founder of Canada Mortgage & Financial Group and CMFG Equity Fund Corporation.

Ameera specializes in property investments, asset management, real estate development, acquisitions and finance restructure. She is passionate about the empowerment and financial future of the youth and focuses much of her attention to assisting those who are interested in financial literacy.

This heart-centred leader is a philanthropist, social service worker, strong advocate for human rights, and is committed to creating a better future for the vulnerable. She received the recognition for her ongoing volunteered contribution as Community Leader, Human Rights Advocate -Government of Canada.

Women deserve to be informed about the topic of finance simply because it will become a large aspect of their lives. Ameera’s knowledge and expertise bridges that gap!

Empowering women with financial literacy will allow them to become contributing members of the society, which is for the betterment of all mankind; even if in the smallest effort or way.

Ameera believes in the empowerment of women and expressed everyone deserve to live a quality and balanced lifestyle. 

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